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While I still hope that this comm will revive itself, I have gone ahead and started [community profile] anti_theocracy, a new community dedicated to gathering resources & information on theocracy and the activities of the religious right in the post-Obama era.

It is more imperative than ever that we be aware of what our politicians, religious and cultural leaders are up to, and what they stand for. I hope to make [community profile] anti_theocracy, a clearinghouse and resource for anyone concerned with religious overreach both in the US and abroad.

Please come by and join! I hope to have some solid informational pieces up in the next few days, and I welcome contributions from members.

Here is our Profile Page that has posting guidelines, and a little bit about the purpose of the community.

It's open for everyone to join, so I hope to see some folks there!


May. 9th, 2011 09:04 pm
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Diversity in the Atheist Movement :: Boston Leadership Track

Jen McCreight (, Greta Christina (Greta Christina's Blog), and Debbie Goddard (CFI campus outreach coordinator) present a talk on why and how the Atheist Movement needs to be more open to women, minorities, and the LGBT community.
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I like the direction Sam Harris has been taking lately with a talk on TED (also at YouTube) and a new book coming soon, both about the idea that morality can and should be studied by science.

It has long bugged me that religious people so often spout the untruth that religion is the source of morality. It is so clearly wrong that it hardly needs explaining. I have many good and moral atheist friends and many good and moral religious friends, clearly religion has no monopoly on goodness. But when you compare potential for evil religion wins easily. Most of the truly evil things have been inspired by religion -- some are even celebrated in the bible and koran.

Religious people try to rewrite reality by saying that Hitler was an atheist, but that's certainly untrue. He carried a bible with him always, was brought up a catholic, and was never shy to admit his belief in god and his admiration of Luther. He was enthusiastically supported in his anti-semitic views by the pope and the catholic church, who ordered their flock to obey Hitler's commands.

Gregory S. Paul became so annoyed at religious people saying that religion is the source of morality that he did something about it (as the original's layout makes it somewhat difficult to read I reformatted it and uploaded it to a hidden directory on my own site). He correlated the available statistics for several social ills in the most advanced nations on Earth. What resulted was a pretty clear indictment of religion. The more religious a society, the more social ills they festered with. The more secular a society, the more enlightened and socially healthy.

The ills examined were: homicide, youth suicide, child mortality, shorter life expectancy, sexually transmitted disease, teen abortions, teen pregnancies.

The countries examined were: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Great Britain, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Japan, Switzerland, Norway, Portugal, Austria, Spain, Italy, United States, Sweden, New Zealand.

(I should note that only youth suicide did not correlate with religion or atheism.)

If you are interested, Phillip Adams interviewed Gregory Paul on Australia's Radio National. You can find it at
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Anyone else still here? Both admins seem to have never updated their journals, which is very unfortunate. I'd like to make this more active and now I am wondering whether creating a new comm where someone active will have admin access (so that if something comes up, they can actually do something) would be better?

new here

Dec. 12th, 2009 09:25 pm
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Hi, I'm new here, is anyone still here?



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